West Park, Cleveland
Serving the Children of the World


                                 West Park Kiwanis

             2018 Independence Day Parade  Wednesday. July 4th.


Name ____________________________________________________

Street Address _____________________________________________

City ________________________ Zip code______________________

Organization _______________________________________________

Type of vehicle _____________________________________________

Number of participants  ______________________________________

Will you have Music, Band or a Marching Band ? ?   yes___No___

Contact Person_____________________________________________

Telephone-day _________________________Evening__________

Cell Phone_____________________________________________ 

 E-mail Address___________________________________________

Non-Profit Groups Make $35.00 Check payable to: West Park Kiwanis before June 20th. (After that date the registration fee is $50.00)   For all other entries make check for $70.00 (After June 20th. the registration fee will be $100.00. If any Entrant cannot afford the Fee-simply write N/A on your registration form.

Make Checks payable to:                      

West Park Kiwanis                                                                                                        

and return promptly to:

c/o Herb Hampson

16716 Laverne Ave Ave.

Cleveland, Ohio 44135

(216) 287-3871

                                                       Special Attention

Do not throw candy or other articles from vehicles ! ! Children dash out to pick them up beneath moving vehicles. There have been several very close calls ! ! Have walkers hand it out along curbside.

All animals participating in Parade must be accompanied by an adult that is responsible for picking up any droppings in both the staging area and along the Parade route.

 I have read and agree to be responsible for the above request.